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Thank you for showing interest in our products.  The platform was created to bring rabbit meat products to the South African consumer. You are welcome to find out more about us here.

Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (Pty) Ltd.

Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (Pty) Ltd. produces quality rabbit meat products throughout all the provinces of South Africa.  Products are produced by a collaborate of contracted farmers for mainly export and local markets.  Coniglio contracted contributors ensure a quality, natural and planned inflow of products for markets.

Coniglio process and package products produced through certified and registered facilities, ensuring that the highest food safety requirements are met.  In turn, we are able to offer wholesome, quality and natural products to markets.

Humane Efforts

The rabbit is an exceptional animal provided by mother nature to meet our natural nutritional requirements.  We simply manage the natural ability of the rabbit to produce in abundance for this very purpose.

Natural breeding and rearing techniques are used, and humane farming practices form the basic platform from which products are produced.

Our efforts and operations are closely monitored by the NSPCA and we make absolutely sure that our farming standards are more suited to our herds well being than what is required.


Products derived from our own export registered rabbittoir facilities that are governed and audited by local and international food safety authorities.

Our products carry the heart mark as endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa.

All products produced by Coniglio are NIHT certified, a registered Halaal governing body.

Please contact our office should you have any inquiries by email at

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