Hospitality Box – Rabbit Mince

R2,000.63 VAT inclusive

Rabbit Mince,  where all the flavour end up.  A Hospitality box delivered to your facilities back door. Now an endless supply for your menu items.

What's in the Box?

Contents  12 x Rabbit Mince Packs  Weight  1.0 kilogram target weight per unit  Minimum Total Product Weight 12.0 kilograms  Packaging clear vacuum bag bag.

General Specifications

Contents 100% natural various rabbit meat products  Preservation Method freshly blast frozen  Shelf Life Frozen vacuum packed 12 months  Fresh vacuum packed 14 days  Thawed vacuum packed 7 days.

Thawing Instructions

Refrigerator  Plan for a slow thaw in the refrigerator in the products original packaging.  Product will take 24 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.  Once thawed keep in refrigerator in its original packaging or marinade and return to refrigerator until ready to cook.  Plan to cook within 7 days after thawing original product.

Cold Water  If you plan to cook product the same day, take out refrigerator and thaw in its original packaging in cold water to speed up the process.  It will take 30 min to 60 min depending on the product.  Transfer to refrigerator prepared with or without marinade and plan to cook within 24 hours.