Halved Flat Rabbit

To be cooked over the fire, a perfect half, maybe you like to share or have a go at it with double the chances of perfection.  You decide.

Thawing Instructions

Refrigerator  Plan for a slow thaw in the refrigerator in the products original packaging.  Product will take 24 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.  Once thawed keep in refrigerator in its original packaging or marinade and return to refrigerator until ready to cook.  Plan to cook within 7 days after thawing original product.

Cold Water  If you plan to cook product the same day, take out refrigerator and thaw in its original packaging in cold water to speed up the process.  It will take 30 min to 60 min depending on the product.  Transfer to refrigerator prepared with or without marinade and plan to cook within 24 hours.

Cooking Guide

The rabbit carcass has three distinct sections that require different cooking methods.  Here is to best cook these different sections with their distinct characteristics.

The fronts are the most flavourable.  They are the tougher parts and ideal for stews, bakes, pre-cooking and slower cooking methods in general.  Methods in cooking juices will return best results. The flavour is outstanding and the only part of the rabbit that probably resembles the true flavour of the rabbit.

The saddle or the middle section is the most tender part.  This part is a culinary delight and boasts huge creativity.  Quicker cooking methods, even poaching will suffice.  Do not overcook this delicate part of the rabbit.

The hind section is the mightiest part of the rabbit. This section has thicker meat parts around the bone and can be portioned further for ideal portions.  Medium heat and medium cooking times are suggested. Ideal for braaing, oven bakes, casseroles or potjies.