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Who says braaing can't be a wholesome affair?

What better way to experience rabbit meat than at a braai. We have put together a selection of ready to braai portions and cuts for you to show off to your friends. Add rabbit to every braai, or just have rabbit on its own, your favourite marinades and spices will suffice.

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Selected hospitality products are now available that will be specific to your application. No more unnecessary prepping time and no more being reluctant to add rabbit meat to your menu due to the availability.

Weekly orders are dispatched, delivered directly to your facility. See the products available to incorporate in your offerings to your loyal patrons and guests below.

What can possibly, still be added to a platter?

Well, now there is something new to spark your guest's interest. You will get all the credit and no leftovers to deal with is our guarantee.

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Cooking a rabbit whole is great, and traditionally the method used almost always ending up in a pot or a pie. There is simply so much more to explore and with all the various portions and cuts available, it has never been easier and quick to add this protein to your dinner table.


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